Our Pastors

Pastor Rudell and Audrey Bloomfield have served as Senior Pastors at Mountain View for over 35 years.  Together they founded Mountain View Christian School in 1981.  Pastor Bloomfield has given Mountain View a true scriptural-based blueprint to follow in life.  His godly example, Biblical preaching, and sincere compassion have greatly influenced the lives and relationships of the congregation.  Pastor and Audrey touch the lives in our city and community with Christian service, compassion, and a true witness for Jesus Christ.  Pastor Bloomfield is an active member of the Fayette Plateau Ministerial Association of Fayette County and was the founder of the annual Community Revival with all local churches participating.  The Bloomfields are devoted supporters of education and instituted Kidz First Ministries which provides training, food, and clothing for underprivileged children in the area.  Audrey Bloomfield, co-founder of Mountain View Christian School, serves as Comptroller and Counselor for the faculty and staff, as well as various other functions in the school and church.  The Bloomfields reside in Oak Hill.  They have three children, Angela, Russell, and Mark; and six grandchildren, Erin, Derek, Nathan, Mercedes, Bristol Marie and Kendall Grace.

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