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Service DateService TimeSpeakerMessage Title
03/17/2019AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTwo Churches -- Your Choice
03/10/2019AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhile We Wait
2/27/2019PMPastor Bill HarmanStudy
2/24/2019AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWill You Be A Volunteer
2/20/2019PMPastor Bill HarmanDisciples
2/17/2019AMPastor Bill HarmanEncountering Jesus
2/10/2019AMPastor Bill HarmanEven You Can Praise
2/3/2019AMGuest SpeakerUntitled - State Admin Bishop Daniel Hampton
1/27/2019AMGuest SpeakerPastor Bill Woodruff - Walking In Your Own Anointing
1/20/2019AMtbdServices Cancelled Due to Weather
1/13/2019AMPastor Bill HarmanBootCamp
1/6/2019AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThy Kingdom Come
12/30/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Spirit of Dominion
12/23/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLight In The Darkness
12/16/2018AMSanctuary ChoirHome For Christmas
12/11/2018AMMVCSStraight Out Of Bethlehem
12/9/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldServices Cancelled Due to Weather
12/7/2018AMKidz FirstOh No - Not Another Christmas Play
12/2/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Pursues Mankind
11/25/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Prophetic Promise
11/18/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
11/11/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Kingdom - God's Purpose
11/4/2018AMVon PackUntitled
10/28/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDiscerning the Times
10/21/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChurch History
10/14/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRestoration
10/7/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA New Season
9/30/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldKingdom Dynamics
9/23/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Spirit of Dominion
9/16/2018AMKevin TaylorAll About Grace
9/9/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle of the gods
9/2/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFrom Faith To Faith
8/26/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving A Life of Dominion
8/19/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCreation With A Purpose
8/12/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Fruit of Overcoming Faith
8/5/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Purpose and God's Will Completed
7/29/2018AMGuest SpeakerTestimony Sunday
7/22/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldSteps To Spiritual Greatness
7/15/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhy Can We Trust God
7/8/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldReceiving the Promises of God
7/1/2018AMPastor Jim TrumanAre We Carrying or Miscarrying the Word of God
6/24/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Chooses
6/17/2018AMPastor Jim TrumanHow the Word of God Affects our Prayer
6/10/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Ultimate Plan
6/3/2018AMGuest SpeakerDreams,Visions and Revelations
5/27/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBattling Unbelief Together
5/20/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Jesus Did After The Beginning
5/13/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Time Is Now
5/6/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEarth's Destiny
4/29/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWho Is In Charge?
4/22/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving Under An Open Heaven
4/15/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Victorious Life In An End Time World
4/8/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLife After The Miracle
4/1/2018AMSanctuary ChoirHe Is Risen
3/25/2018AMKidz FirstKidz First/Pastor Message
3/18/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen Do We Need Faith?
3/11/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUnderstanding The Enemy's Power
3/4/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod And His People
2/25/2018AMGuest SpeakerAfter They Had Prayed
2/18/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Christian Philosophy
2/11/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Foundation of Our Faith
2/4/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldParallels of Israel's Journey with the Church
1/28/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Map For Your Journey
1/24/2018PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Presence of God In Eden - Audio Only
1/21/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Power of Agreement
1/16/2018AMGuest SpeakerWVCOG Joyfully Rejoicing Prayer Conference
1/15/2018PMGuest SpeakerWVCOG Joyfully Rejoicing Prayer Conference
1/14/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Vision For Transition
1/7/2018AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving With No Regret
12/31/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBeing On The Victory Side
12/24/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Covenant With David
12/17/2017AMSanctuary ChoirA Christmas Alleluia
12/15/2017AMMVCS ChoirWhat A Beautiful Name
12/11/2017PMMVCSCounting Down To Christmas
12/10/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOur Response To God's Christmas Promise
12/10/2017PMKidz FirstThe Christmas Carol Special Report
12/3/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Covenant With Moses
11/26/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Covenant With Abraham
11/19/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Covenant With Abraham
11/12/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Covenant With Noah
11/8/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIntrepreting The Word of God Audio Only
11/5/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle of Unbelief
10/29/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving In The Present
10/22/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIf You Will Return to the Lord?
10/18/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldHow To Hear From God Audio Only
10/15/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanThe Relevance of Our Gates
10/8/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLooking To The Future
10/4/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Plan of God - Audio Only
10/1/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
9/27/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldContending For The Faith - Audio only
9/24/2017AMtbdThe Prodical Son Dramatic Presentation
9/23/2017AMGuest SpeakerLadies Conference - Mi Yang Walton
9/22/2017PMGuest SpeakerLadies Conference - Mi Yang Walton
9/20/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldContending For The Faith - Audio only
9/17/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat We Have Come To As Believers
9/13/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldContending For The Faith - Audio only
9/10/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Time Is It?
9/3/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Time of the Gentiles
8/27/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod and the Nations
8/20/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldHow God Tests Our Faith
8/13/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Biblical World View
8/6/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanProtecting Your Temple
7/30/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Biblical World View
7/23/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Commitment To Finish
7/16/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
7/9/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
7/2/2017AMPastor J.D. WallsUntitled
6/25/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
6/18/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Commitment To Finish
6/4/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Meaneth This?
5/28/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldControlling Random Events
5/21/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldKnowledge That Overcomes
5/20/2017AMMVCSSenior Class Pictures
5/20/2017PMMVCS2017 Senior Graduation
5/18/2017AMMVCSK5 Graduation
5/17/2017AMMVCSk3-k4 Graduation
5/17/2017PMMVCSMVCS Baccalaurate Service
5/14/2017AMVon PackMother's Day Tribute
5/7/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOut of Weakness Comes Strength
4/30/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Ministry of Suffering
4/23/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Kingdom
4/16/2017AMSanctuary ChoirEaster Program
4/9/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Does The Triumphant Entry Mean(Kidz First Palm Sunday)
4/2/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
3/26/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanProdical Father
3/19/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanA Promise Delayed
3/12/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
3/5/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanSins of Sodom
2/26/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
2/19/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldYour Destiny Your Choice
2/12/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanCounterfeit Praise
2/5/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
1/29/2017AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
1/22/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFinding Your Destiny
1/15/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle of the Will
1/11/2017PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Bondage of the Will
1/8/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Visible Kingdom
1/1/2017AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Year of God's Favor
12/29/2016PMMVCS ChoirSchool Choir
12/25/2016AMtbdNo Service
12/24/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChristmas Eve CandleLight Service
12/20/2016AMMVCSk3-k4 Christmas
12/18/2016AMSanctuary ChoirChoir Christmas/Pastor
12/15/2016PMMVCS ChoirBelieve In Christmas
12/14/2016AMMVCS ChoirBelieve In Christmas
12/12/2016AMMVCSMVCS Elementary Christmas
12/12/2016PMMVCSPM Christmas Play
12/11/2016AMKidz FirstKIdz First/Pastor
12/9/2016PMKidz FirstFear Not Factor
12/4/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
11/30/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Redemption Plan
11/27/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBehind Enemy Lines
11/20/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPursuing God
11/13/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Vision For Life
11/6/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Prayer Strategy For Our Times
11/2/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEmpowering Ministry
10/30/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDo You Want To Be Blessed?
10/30/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
10/26/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChurch Evangelism
10/23/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChristianity's Challenge
10/23/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
10/19/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
10/16/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCreating A Faith Environment
10/16/2016PMGuest SpeakerTargeted Prayer
10/2/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Measure of a Life
9/28/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Church
9/25/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldSecurity Through Relationship
9/25/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
9/21/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
9/18/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Dual Purpose In Redemption
9/14/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Messanger of the Covenant
9/11/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Test of Our Salvation
9/11/2016PMGuest SpeakerTargeted Prayer
9/7/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Image of God
9/4/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Prophetic Warning
8/31/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldNew and Improved
8/28/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDont Feed Your Fears
8/21/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFrom Worry To Worship
8/21/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
8/17/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldMaturing In The Lord
8/14/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThree Questions About Jesus
8/10/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
8/7/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen Hard Times Come
8/7/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
7/31/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
7/30/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFaith In Confusing Times
7/27/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCan Believers Misss God's Will
7/24/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldReceiving God's Goodness
7/24/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
7/16/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldSpiritual Priorities
7/10/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
7/6/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPrayer
7/3/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Freedom of a Christian
6/29/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of Ephesians
6/26/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat God Knows About Us
6/26/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
6/19/2016AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
6/12/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCommitment
6/5/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen Times Get Hard
6/1/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of John
5/29/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCan You Trust God With The Details
5/26/2016PMMVCSK5 Graduation
5/25/2016AMMVCSMVCS Memorial Day Service
5/25/2016PMMVCSMVCS Elementary Memorial Day Service
5/25/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of John
5/22/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldConfession That Divides
5/21/2016PMMVCS2016 Graduation Service
5/21/2016PMMVCS2016 Class Pictures
5/20/2016AMMVCSk3-k4 Graduation
5/18/2016AMMVCSMVCS Baccalaurate Service
5/18/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
5/18/2016PMMVCS2016 Baccalurate Service
5/17/2016PMMVCSMVCS Awards Ceremony
5/15/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Can The Righteous Do?
5/15/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
5/11/2016PMVon PackUntitled
5/8/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFacing Your Fears
5/4/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
5/1/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPost Resurrection Ministry of Christ
5/1/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
4/27/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of John
4/24/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving Up To God's Purpose
4/24/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
4/22/2016PMLana CallowayLadies Conference
4/20/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of John
4/17/2016AMGuest SpeakerJames Jenkins
4/13/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Book of John
4/10/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRestoring Faith
4/10/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
4/7/2016PMGuest SpeakerState Youth Director
4/6/2016PMGuest SpeakerBishop Daniel Hampton
4/3/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Slow In Heart
4/3/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
3/20/2016AMPastor Freddie SteeleFreddie Steele
3/13/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle for Faith
3/13/2016PMGuest SpeakerMi Yang Walton, Barbara Goode,Kevin Miller
3/6/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Suffering Messiah
3/6/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
2/28/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Mountaintop Experience
2/21/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAuthority In Two Realms
2/14/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Sovereignty and Free Will
2/7/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA History With God
2/7/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldSeeking God's Provision for Our Area
2/3/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
1/31/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Importance of Our Perspective of God
1/31/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
1/17/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhy We Believe
1/17/2016PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
1/10/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod Chooses
1/6/2016PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
1/3/2016AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldYet God
12/30/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPrayer Service
12/27/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOffended
12/20/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldHe Is Still the King
12/16/2015PMMVCS ChoirUntitled
12/14/2015AMMVCSAM Christmas Play
12/14/2015PMMVCSPM Christmas Play
12/13/2015AMKidz FirstKidz First(The Christmas Tree Lot)
12/6/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldHope Is On The Way
12/2/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
11/29/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldManaging The Unexpected
11/22/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving the God-Life
11/18/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
11/15/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen All Seems Lost
11/15/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
11/11/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFaith and Faithfulness
11/8/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldMan Relating To God
11/8/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
11/4/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
11/1/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Harvest Do You Seek
11/1/2015PMGuest SpeakerBarbar Goode,Tag Williams,Mi Yang Walton
10/25/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWalking In Dominion
10/25/2015PMPastor Marlo RamdialUntitled
10/24/2015PMPastor Marlo RamdialUntitled
10/21/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
10/18/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWalking In Dominion
10/18/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
10/11/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Forgotten Vow
10/7/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
10/4/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPastor Bloomfield's 41st anniversary service
9/30/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
9/27/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPreparing To Open the Scroll
9/23/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
9/20/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Consumation of All Things
9/20/2015PMGuest SpeakerTargeted Prayer - Barbara Goode
9/16/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
9/13/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPreparing for the Day of The Lord
9/13/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
9/9/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldJesus Teaching About Authority
9/6/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Message of God's Shaking
9/6/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Did Jesus Teach
9/2/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Did Jesus Teach
9/2/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Teachings of Jesus
8/30/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Two Sides Of God
8/30/2015PMGuest SpeakerTargeted Prayer - Barbara Goode
8/26/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAudio Only
8/23/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Waits
8/23/2015PMVon PackUntitled
8/19/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Mystery of the Church
8/16/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Sure Mercies of David
8/16/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
8/12/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Mystery of the Church
8/9/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Making of A King Part 2
8/9/2015PMPastor Freddie SteeleUntitled
8/2/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Making of A King
7/26/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Secret of Spiritual Success
7/26/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
7/12/2015AMPastor Jim TrumanJim Truman
7/5/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFaith and Freedom
6/28/2015AMSanctuary ChoirGod and Country Celebration
6/28/2015PMGuest SpeakerTargeted Prayer - Barbara Goode
6/21/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFulfilling Your God Given Dream
6/17/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRedemption and Restoration
6/14/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Place For God
6/14/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDavid
6/7/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAuthentic Christianity
5/31/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTimes, Seasons and Transitions
5/28/2015AMMVCSK5 Graduation
5/24/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhy Pentecost?
5/20/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPentecost
5/17/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's New Covenant
5/17/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTargeted Prayer
5/15/2015PMMVCS2015 Senior Graduation
5/13/2015AMMVCS2015 Baccalurate Service
5/13/2015PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEnd Time Battles Continued
5/11/2015PMMVCSMVCS Awards Ceremony
5/10/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe End Time Battle
5/3/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod and Man and Eternity
4/26/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Biblical World View
4/19/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAfter Easter
4/12/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Forgotten Days
4/5/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIf It Had Not Been
3/29/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTriumphant Entry
3/27/2015PMMVCSMVCS Chapel Guest Speaker - Kenya
3/22/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod Works through Brokenness
3/15/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's All Inclusive Covenant
3/8/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRefocusing Your Faith
3/2/2015PMGuest SpeakerCommunity Revival - Brian Knight Oak Hill Baptist
3/1/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEvents Before The Second Coming Part 2
2/22/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEvents Before The Second Coming
2/8/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat About the Second Coming?
2/1/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFrom Worrier To Warrior
1/25/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldCompleting Your God Given Vision
1/18/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhy We Keep Believing
1/11/2015AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
1/4/2015AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldReceiving God's Active Presence
12/28/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFacing The Future
12/17/2014AMSanctuary Choirmvcog_mvcs_Christmas
12/14/2014AMKidz FirstKidz First Program/Pastor's Message
12/7/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChrist Before Christ
12/3/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Covenant of Grace vs The Covenant of the Law
11/30/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChrist, the Seed of the Woman
11/23/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldStanding In The End Times
11/16/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's End Time Church
11/9/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Last Day Message
11/9/2014PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
11/5/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Biblical Concepts of the Church
11/2/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOvercoming The Spirit of the World
11/2/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOvercoming The Spirit of This World
10/26/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChallenges For The 21st Century Church
10/22/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Kingdom of Heaven Parables - Continued
10/19/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Commitment to Trust
10/15/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Kingdom of Heaven Parables
10/12/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Blessed Nation
10/8/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Church and The Kingdom
10/1/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Church and The Kingdom
9/28/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPrayer -- Audio only
9/24/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIsrael and Their Journey
9/21/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDealing With Doubt
9/17/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIsrael and Their Journey -- audio only
9/14/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldQuestions of Providence
9/14/2014PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
9/10/2014PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
9/7/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldReleasing Inner Virtues
9/7/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChallenges Confronting The Church -- continued
9/3/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChallenges Confronting The Church
8/31/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGods Wisdom For Successful Living
8/27/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDealing With Depression
8/24/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving A Centered Life
8/24/2014PMVon PackUntitled
8/20/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldTriump In Spite of Circumstances
8/17/2014AMKevin TaylorRun To Win
8/13/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChristian History
8/10/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldConvictions or Convienence
8/10/2014PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
8/6/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEnd Time Events
8/3/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPositioned For God's Favor
8/3/2014PMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
7/30/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
7/27/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Blessings of God's Favor
7/27/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUntitled
7/13/2014AMPastor Freddie SteeleFreddie Steele
7/5/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod Moves and God Speaks
6/29/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Is Salvation
6/22/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldConfronting and Conquering
6/18/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEarly Church History
6/15/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBeing A Godly Father
6/8/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldUnderstanding Pentecost
6/4/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBible Study - Galatians 6
6/1/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFinish The Race
5/28/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBible Study - Galatians 5
5/25/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRecognizing America's Falt Line
5/25/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRecognizing America's Faithfulness
5/21/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBible Study - Galatians 4
5/18/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRemember Lot's Wife
5/18/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRemember Lots Wife
5/14/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBible Study - Galatians 3
5/11/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Home That's Blessed
5/7/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBible Study - Galatians 2
5/4/2014AMLana CallowayWomen's Conference Hidden In The House
5/4/2014AMLana CallowayHidden In The House
5/3/2014AMLana CallowayWomens Conference Praise and Worship
5/3/2014PMLana CallowayWho Touched Me
5/2/2014PMLana CallowayWomens Conference(stay Seated)
4/27/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPursuing The Kingdom
4/27/2014PMPastor Rudell Bloomfieldcontinue am message
4/20/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhy the Resurrection
4/13/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWho Is This King
4/6/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOur Response To Redemption
4/6/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAdvancing The Kingdom
3/30/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Path To Increase
3/23/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWill You Put Your Life On The Line
3/16/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLand of the Giants
3/9/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldHow To Revolutionize Your Life
3/9/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Brings You To Desolation
3/2/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldDo You Know Jesus
2/25/2014AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
2/23/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Will and Purpose Part 2
2/16/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Will and Purpose Part 1
2/9/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Church and The Kingdom
2/9/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldContinuation of AM Message
2/2/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving As Strangers
1/26/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Seasons
1/19/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Biblical New Beginning
1/12/2014AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAgents of Change or Victims
1/12/2014PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldContinuation of AM Service Agents of Change or Victims
1/5/2014AMPastor Jim TrumanUntitled
12/29/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldConfidence For The New Year
12/22/2013AMSanctuary ChoirA Call To Christmas
12/15/2013AMKidz FirstKidz First Christmas Presentation
12/1/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Appears
11/24/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAn Attitude of Graditude
11/10/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen Faith Is Tested
11/3/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFaith, The Transfer of Confidence
10/29/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle for Biblical Christianity
10/22/2013PMPastor Marlo RamdialPasover Preperation
10/21/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldAs One
10/21/2013PMPastor Marlo RamdialUntitled
10/20/2013AMPastor Marlo RamdialLock Down
10/13/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Battle of the gods
9/29/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldConsider Your Ways
9/15/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldOvercoming In Hard Times
9/8/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Day of the Lord
9/1/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLife Together In the End Times
8/25/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLast Day Instruction
8/18/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEvidence of God's Favor
8/11/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFavor Inspite of Circumstance
8/4/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Vision For Our Times
7/21/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Destiny For Our Life
7/14/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldComing Into God's Favor
7/7/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldBelievers Responsability to America
6/30/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLiving With God's Favor
6/23/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldEither - Or
6/16/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen God Turns Our Hearts
6/9/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldGod's Call To Abundance
6/2/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldThe Secret of David's Power
5/19/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhat Does Pentacost Mean
5/5/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIn Search of God - Part 2
4/28/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldIn Search of God
4/14/2013AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldComing To Desolation
6/10/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldLessons In Trust
6/3/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldFreedom From The Past
5/20/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldMisplaced Confidence
5/13/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPrinciples of the Kingdom of Heaven
5/7/2012AMMVCS ChoirIt All Happened In The City
5/6/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldChrist's Ascension and God's Purpose
5/6/2012PMMVCS ChoirSchool Choir
4/29/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA New Look At The Faith Walk
4/22/2012AMPastor Sharon RamkhelawanA Highway Hallelujah
4/22/2012PMPastor Sharon RamkhelawanLittle By Little
4/21/2012AMPastor Sharon RamkhelawanEmpowerment Through Emptiness
4/20/2012PMPastor Sharon RamkhelawanAEM
4/15/2012AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldWhen Hopes Are Dashed
8/9/2011PMJanette SimmonsMountaineer Ministries Promo
8/7/2011AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldPreparing To Reign
8/3/2011PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRevelation Study
7/31/2011AMPastor Rudell BloomfieldA Renewed Mind
7/31/2011PMPastor Rudell BloomfieldRising From Past Disasters
1/6/2011AMMVCS ChoirAngel Alert